DEKA is a worldwide leader in the design and manufacturing of ceiling fans to Australia and the international market. The DEKA group comprises of four major arms – Deka Manufacturing Ltd (based in China), Deka Marketing Sdn Bhd (based in Malaysia), Deka Worldwide Ltd (based in Hong Kong), and Deka Australia.

Long established as the premier brand in Asia, including Singapore and Malaysia, DEKA introduced the range across the globe. Our range is establishing itself in north America, and of course here in Australia.

DEKA ceiling fans are precision built and offer absolute premium overall performance whilst maintaining a cutting-edge designer look and appeal.

Where you see a “Powered by DEKA” logo, rest assured the fan you are purchasing is manufactured by DEKA – the worlds leading ceiling fan direct supplier and manufacturer.

Fans powered by DEKA are available in most leading lighting retail and electrical wholesale markets Australia wide.

To learn more about DEKA, please click on the youtube video below or visit our Facebook page.